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An AK pattern pistol is a versatile addition to any collection. Suitable for home defense, predator control or hog hunting, a compact 7.62x39mm delivers! The Polish Hellpup AK47 Pistol from Icon Marketing Group is an excellent choice. This is an Eastern Bloc AK, solidly built from 100% all new parts in Radom Poland. With meticulous engineering and superior materials, this is an AK pistol that you can count on to perform. Plinking away in the back 40, taking on hogs and varmints in heavy cover or protecting your home and family, the Polish Hellpup from IMG is gun you want!

Specifications and Features:

Icon Marketing Group Polish Hellpup AK0031
AKM-47 Semi Auto Pistol
30 Rounds
11.73" Barrel
Post Front Sight
Adjustable Notched Rear Sight
Accepts Standard AK47 Magazines
Black Polymer Furniture
Matte Black Finish
Length 21.85"
Weight 6.32 Pounds
Made In Radom Poland

Pioneer Arms - Hellpup

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