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CMC Triggers Are 100% Made in the Great State of Texas

CMC has been manufacturing triggers for the AR and Modern Sporting Rifle platform since back in 2003. CMC's critical sear engagement surfaces have the proprietary machining process that renders superior surface finish and dimensional control especially when compared to the competition. The manufacturing process and techniques used by CMC establish a 1-2 RMS surface finish as opposed to EDMing which leaves a rough 32 RMS. For reference a mirror registers at 0 RMS which means CMC has an incredible smooth surface finish. Everything is better in Texas, so bring home the Trigger that is the best Texas has to offer.

CMC AR-15/AR-10 Single Stage Trigger (Black) Specifications and Features:

CMC 91701
Single Stage Match Trigger
3.5lb Total Trigger Pull Weight
Flat Trigger Shoe
Ultra-crisp trigger with no feel of creep prior to hammer release
The trigger has a glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
Minimal lock time is designed into the assembly using controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring, assuring repeatable function with either commercial or military grade ammunition
Trigger pull is factory pre-set and not user adjustable
Positive trigger reset allows a quick follow up shot on target
Hand assembled, and hand tested
Totally self-contained one-piece assembly
Comes with CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set
Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and S7 Tool Steel with machined tolerances of +/- .001"
Easy to Install
Natural Finish (Housing)
Black Finish (Trigger/Hammer)

Small Pin 0.154" Diameter AR Receivers
AR-15/AR-10 and similar pattern clones

CMC FLAT 3.5lb Trigger



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