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The ZPAP85 An Adaptable Serbian AK Pistol in 5.56 NATO
If you are as excited about AK pistols as I am then you will be thrilled by the release of the new Zastava Arms ZPAP85 AK style semi automatic pistol. This little treasure is chambered in 5.56 NATO and will also accept .223 Remington. The 10.5" barrel is hammer forged chrome lined barrel which will provide you with not only wonderful accuracy but exceptional barrel life. The stamped receiver keeps the platform lightweight and strong which the top cover and sights will remind you of a Krinkov style set up. Another Nice Krinkov style accessories is the addition of Bell Shaped flash hider/ booster muzzle device. This pistol will accept most standard pattern AK 5.56 NATO style magazines. For an added level of customization this pistol comes with a picatinny rail on the top cover for adding of optics and a 1913 Rail on the Rear trunnion for the addition of a stabilizing brace. Additionally the Wood hand guards, polymer pistol grip and blued finish complete the classic look of the ZPAP85 pistol.

Zastava Arms ZPAP85 Semi Auto Pistol (Blued) Specifications and Features:
Zastava Arms USA ZP85556PA
AK Style Semi Automatic Pistol
5.56 NATO (Accepts .223 Remington)
10" Hammer Forged Chrome Lined Barrel
1.5mm Thick Zastava Factory Receiver
Stamped Steel Receiver
Bulged Front Trunnion
Corrosion Resistant Hard Nickel Molly Steel Bolt Carrier
Threaded Barrel with Shaped Flash Hider/ Booster
30 Rounds
Accepts most AK Magazines for the 5.56 AK Platform
Krinkov style flip up hinged top cover
Krinkov style rear, post front sights
Small Picatinny Top Rail
Bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector
Synthetic Grip
Black Wood Hand Guard
Overall Length 19.3"
Overall Weight 6.6lbs
Blued Finish

Zastava ZPAP85 .223/5.56

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