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Winchester USA Ammunition Is the Classic White Box Load You Know and Trust
With generations of legendary excellence Winchester USA known as "White Box" is the name you know and trust. Standing for consistent performance and superb value Winchester USA offers you high-quality ammunition to suit a wide variety of needs and desires. Winchester USA loads typically field quality new production brass cases which can be saved and used by reloaders. With a precise mix of powder and projectiles Winchester produces ammunition that is made right here in the USA by hard working men and women.

Winchester USA Ammunition Specifications and Features:
.300 AAC Blackout
147 Grain Full Metal Jacket
Lead Core
Brass Cased
Non-Corrosive Powder/Primers
Boxer Primed
Consistent Accuracy
Reduced Barrel Fouling
Made in the USA
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking
20 Rounds

Winchester 300 Blackout 147 Gr 20rds



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