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Walther brings one of its most formidable handguns, the PDP, to the next level with the PDP SD! The PDP SD retains many features of the original PDP, but includes some serious upgrades. The trigger has been upgraded to the flat-faced Dynamic Performance Trigger, offering a significant reduction in trigger weight, take up, and reset. One of the PDP SD’s more notable enhancements is its 5.1-inch threaded barrel, allowing a suppressor to be installed. Another improvement of the PDP SD is an aluminum magwell to promote fast and intuitive reloads. Like the original PDP, the PDP SD features is the optics-ready slide, which has a deep optics cut to allow a red dot sight to be mounted lower in the slide for co-witnessing with the iron sights. The PDP SD’s slide also comes with Walther’s Superterrain Cocking Serrations to deliver fast and responsive slide manipulation even when wearing gloves. In addition, the PDP SD performs with hair-splitting accuracy – this is largely thanks to its trigger as well as a unique stepped chamber. The forward portion of the chamber is slightly tapered, this causes the projectile to be perfectly centered as it enters the rifling and enhances accuracy considerably.

Features of the Walther PDP:
Available in compact and full size
Optics ready slide – click here for mounting plate options
Superterrain Cocking Serrations
Dynamic Performance Trigger
5.1-inch threaded barrel
Aluminum magwell
Ships with (3) 18-round magazines

Walther PDP FS Pro 9mm



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