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The Unity Tactical FAST Offset Optic base attaches directly to the FAST LPVO mount. After attaching the base, it allows you to then attach the red dot mount to match the red dot sight that you will be using. Machined from aluminum and black hardcoat anodized for durability. 

Offset mount base for attaching to FAST LPVO mounts
Machined from aluminum
Black hardcoat anodized
Base only, red dot mount sold separately

Unity Tactical FAST is a grouping of mounts and platforms that gives you a quicker sight picture when transitioning from your LPVO to your offset red dot sight. The taller optical sightline allows for much faster and easier reticle acquisition, especially when wearing ear protection, communication headsets, or even night vision goggles.

When the ability to rapidly acquire a target and keep a heads-up position, the FAST LPVO mount may be a small item, but it certainly is a crucial one.

Unity FAST LPVO Offset Optic Base BLK



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