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Spike's Tactical is a US manufacturer which creates high quality parts, uppers, and complete rifles. Every component is manufactured to Mil-spec standards and is backed by the Spikes Tactical lifetime warranty.

Spike's Tactical produced what we believe is the best gas tube out on the market for the AR-15 rifle. The gas tubes are made out of Mil-Spec 304 stainless steel and then are Melonite coated for greater heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and lower reflection. These gas tubes are not only great for .223/5.56 uppers but are perfect for 5.45 uppers for when you shoot cheap surplus corrosive ammunition. These are the same gas tubes that Spike's installs on their ST-15 rifles and all of their complete upper receivers.

Features and Specifications:

Manufacturer Number: SUGT0M3
Spike's Melonite Gas Tube
AR-15 Mid Length Gas Tube
Mil Spec 304 Stainless Steel
Made In the USA
Weight: 0.06lbs
Color: Black Melonite Finish




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