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Sightmark Red Laser Bore Sight's Provide You with The Fastest Gun Zeroing System On the Market

The Sightmark red laser bore Sight system is deigned to be chambered in the specified firearm just like a regular cartridge. This simple and intuitive system allows you to place the red laser on target and simply align your scopes reticle or iron sights to the same red point. This system is ideal for hunter, competitive shooters and law enforcement professionals. Utilizing this system significantly reduces wasted cartridges and shells. If you are struggling to get yourself on target, then you need to pick up a Sightmark laser Bore Sight today.

Sightmark Red Laser Bore Sight Specifications and Features:

Sightmark Item Number: SM39005
.243 Winchester / .308 Winchester / 7.62x51 NATO Bore Sight
Laser Wavelength 632 - 650 nm
LED Type Visible Red Laser
Output Power less than 5 mW
Battery Life 1 hour
Range for Sighting 15 - 100 yards
Dot Size 2 in @100 yards
Operation on/off end cap
Operating Temp 14F to 122F
Precision accuracy
Reliable and durable
Fastest gun zeroing and sighting system
Reduce wasted cartridges and shells
Compact and lightweight
Easy to pack and travel
Batteries included

Battery Pack
Carrying Case

Sightmark Laser Bore Sight .308/7.62x51/243 Win



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