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Rugged and reliable, the Mossberg 590 has earned it's reputation after decades of military and law enforcement use. This 590 Chainsaw is chambered to handle 3" 12 gauge shells with an 18.5" stand-off barrel that has a cylinder bore, a crenulated muzzle and a white-dot sight. It can hold 5 rounds of 2-3/4" shells in the magazine tube, plus a round in the chamber for 6 total rounds of hard hitting home defense. The Chainsaw is an ultra compact shotgun with a pistol grip that's built for defense. The receiver design features positive steel to steel bolt lock-up, dual extractors and an anti-jam elevator. Combine this with dual action bars for smooth operation and flawless performance. Get the 590 Chainsaw now! Don't trust your security to anything less!

Mossberg 590 Chainsaw Pump Action Shotgun Specifications and Features:
Mossberg 50692
Pump Action Shotgun
12 Gauge
18.5" Stand-Off Barrel with Crenulated Muzzle
3" Chamber (also accepts 2-3/4" Shells)
5 Rounds (2-3/4" Shells)
Fixed Cylinder Bore
White Dot Front Sight
Ambidextrous Top Tang Thumb Safety
Positive Steel to Steel Lock Up
Anti-Jam Elevator
Dual Extractors
Polymer Chainsaw Style Forend with Picatinny Rails
Polymer Pistol Grip
Overall Length: 31"
Weight: 6 lbs
Matte Blued Finish

Mossberg 590 Chainsaw 12 Gauge



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