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KIMBER IS UPGRADING the standards of the polymer-pistol market with the R7 Mako, a pistol in a league all its own due to its unmatched features. The polymer frame features molded stippling for a sure grip in all conditions and makes the pistol lightweight (19.5 ounces empty). Measuring a mere 1 inch wide, the R7 Mako stills manages to pack 12 rounds total capacity with the flush-fit standard magazine, and 14 rounds with the extended magazine (10-round and 15-round magazines will be available). The low-tilt, 3.37, stainlesssteel barrel mitigates recoil. The R7 Mako makes it?s debut with two models: Optics Ready and Optics Installed. In a market flooded with polymer-framed guns, feed your appetite for something different.
All R7 Makos are optics ready. The Optics Installed (OI) model comes with the Crimson Trace CT-1500 optic already installed. Includes 3-Dot TruGlo Tritium Pro Night Sights w/ Orange front ring and White rear rings.

The slide lever and magazine release are
fully functional on either side of the gun.

12 Round Capacity (11+1 Total Capacity)
14 Round Capacity (13+1 Total Capacity)

The barrel lug sits farther back than most barrel designs and minimizes cant when the slide is unlocked. Less cant means less movement, and minimizes perceived recoil.

The closed top gives added strength to the slide. This design reduces potential material buildup between the barrel hood and slide.

With a pull weight of 5.00-6.75 pounds, Kimber?s flat-faced trigger breaks crisp and clean, increasing both confidence and accuracy.

Kimber R7 Mako 9mm OI



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