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Griffin Armament is leading the way in creating silencer and firearms related accessories. Griffin was founded by two brothers who were combat vets from OIF and are Army Sniper qualified with numerous times overseas in military and other government capacities. During their time, the both have been left with hearing loss which has driven them to manufacture suppressors to protect the hearing of fellow shooters. Their knowledge of manufacturing, design, and application provides them with a leg up on the competition.

Specifications and Features:

Griffin Armament M4SD Flash Compensator XHP556FC
1/2x28 industry standard Thread Pitch for 5.56mm carbines
Ambidextrous QD Mount
Free of wear prone geometry
Flash tines help mitigate excessive flash
Precisely calculated porting to neutralize muzzle movement
Sacrificial baffle to extend the life of your suppressor
17-4 PH Stainless steel to withstand hard use
Lustrous Black Oxide Finish
Griffin Laser Logo Marked
1/2x28 industry standard Thread Pitch for 5.56mm carbines
Shim set Included
Over-Travel stop washer Included
Compatible with M4SD series silencers
Black Oxide Finish

Griffin M4SD Flash Comp 1/2X28



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