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Founded in 2002, DoupleTap Ammunition has rapidly gained a reputation for powerful, reliable, and accurate ammunition. They strive to be at the cutting edge of innovation from defensive to hunting ammunition. Quality control and precision craftsmanship are top priority at DoubleTap, with every round that leaves the facility having been hand inspected. This load, utilizing the exclusive Controlled Expansion Jacketed Hollow Point, was specifically designed for maximum controlled expansion. No other 10mm Auto load gives this kind of terminal performance. A great CCW cartridge!

DoubleTap Controlled Expansion 10mm Auto Ammunition Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer Number 10MM135CE
10mm Auto
135 Grain Controlled Expansion Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Projectile
Brass cased
Muzzle Velocity 1600 fps
Muzzle Energy 767 ft/lbs
20 Round Box

DoubleTap Ammunition 10mm