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Do you want the meanest and deepest penetrating 10mm in existence?
This design is intended to create a large deep wound channel and be devastating on the toughest of animals. Made to perform differently than a normal hollow point its expansion is consistent to give deeper penetration for a very deep large wound channel through the animal. The tough jacket will hold together even on large heavy boned animals like elk, hog or brown bear. This load should be your first choice for hunting or woods protection!

DoubleTap Controlled Expansion Ammunition Specifications and Features:
Manufacturer Number 10MM200CE
10mm Auto
200 Grain Controlled Expansion Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Projectile
Brass cased
Muzzle Velocity 1258 fps
Muzzle Energy 703 ft/lbs
20 Round Box

DoubleTap 10MM, 200Gr JHP 20rds



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