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Dead Air Armament is proud to offer it's new micro muzzle brake/QD Suppressor mount. This muzzle device is designed to be used either by itself or in conjunction with a Dead Air Armament Suppressor. Without a Suppressor attached the Dead Air brake will provide you with a flatter shooting rifle with minimal concussion when compared to similar muzzle devices in its class. When you are ready to turn up the silence, the Dead Air brake will serve as a QD mounting point for Dead Air suppressors.

Dead Air Armament Key Mount Micro Muzzle Device (Matte Black) Specifications and Features:
Dead Air Armament DA111
Micro Muzzle Brake/QD Key Mount
.38 Caliber
Threaded 5/8x24
Key Mount QD Suppressor Attachment System
Matte Black
Barrels Threaded 5/8x24
Compatible With:
Dead Air Armament Sandman-L, Sandman-S, Sandman-K

DeadAir Key Brake Micro 5/8-24



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