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GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES: Purchase both cables as a set, or individually. The 8" cable is for handguns and the 33" cable is for rifles. They have #8/32 threaded attachment points for your standard size brushes or other cleaning accessories.
HANDGUN CLEANING TOOL: Our cables are flexible and coil up for easy storage and convenience. Made from strong steel, the cables have a soft nylon coating so you can clean your barrel, ensuring that it won't harm the bore or finish of your firearms.

PULL THROUGH GUN CLEANER: Make the cleaning process less time-consuming and spend more time on the range with this game-changing equipment. Slide the cable through the gun, attach your brush of choice, thread our T handle onto the cable and pull.

GUN CLEANING ACCESSORIES: Pack our tool away in your range bag, gun cleaning kit, or store it with gun cleaning brushes, gun accessories, and solvent products. This item is ideal for complete firearm maintenance wherever you choose to use it.

PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: Buying from a reputable American company comes with benefits. We take pride in our products and customer service. If you have any questions or concerns with your purchase, please message us to help you.

BTC Nylon Coated Steel Cable with Brass Threads