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With nearly 30 years of experience is suppressor design and manufacturing, B&T’s SMG suppressor line is a top choice for military and law enforcement professionals around the world. These suppressors are designed with the Swiss precision that B&T is known for, and are constructed using advanced alloys and durable corrosion resistant coatings. The SMG suppressors feature a unique high-volume, low-backpressure assembly, and are available with quick-detach and tri-lug adapter mounting options. Like all B&T made suppressors, the SMG line is hearing-safe.

Features of the B&T SMG Suppressor:

High-volume, low-backpressure design
Available with quick-detach and tri-lug adapter mounting options
Hearing safe

B&T Suppressor 9MM APC9/MP5/GHM9/KH9/P26



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