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The ShapeShift Driver Defense Expansion Pack is designed to secure your firearm in the quickest drawing position for the safest and most convenient commute possible. It’s easy to install and fully compatible with your Shift Shell. With the simple quick release system, you can detach your handgun from any full shell carry platform (OWB paddle, Drop Leg, MOLLE, Backpack) and transfer it to your vehicle’s seat in one fluid motion. This quick transition can be easily achieved every time you climb into your vehicle. It’s convenience at the push of a button.

Seats come in all shapes and sizes. To accommodate a wide range of vehicle seats and office chairs, our team equipped this expansion pack with a pair of fully adjustable reinforced nylon straps. As an added bonus, these 6’ straps prevent you from needing to drill any holes into your vehicle’s interior. Installation is simple and seamless – just like it should be. This ShapeShift accessory is designed to provide you with quick and easy access to your holstered handgun. Once positioned, your firearm will sit between your knees at the front of your seat. You can also adjust your holster’s cant and retention with just a few quick adjustments. Drive with assurance that no matter where you go, you and everyone in your vehicle will be protected and prepared.

AGH ShapeShift Driver Defense Exp Pack



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