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The P365-XL COMP ROSE is a pistol developed by Sig Sauer and World Champion Competitive Shooter Lena Miculek as an option for first-time female gun owners. It is designed to be more than just a firearm - it is a comprehensive system that aims to boost confidence and improve shooting skills.The P365-XL COMP ROSE comes with access to online programs that are based on Lena Miculek's years of professional experience, as well as an online community where members can learn and grow together. In addition to this, the pistol includes 5 dummy rounds for safe training, and a Vaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe for secure storage.The P365-XL COMP ROSE pistol itself features an integrated compensator machined directly into the slide, which reduces recoil by 25% and promotes faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The slide is also equipped with an optics cut that is compatible with Sig Sauer's RomeoZero Elite micro red dot, or any optic that shares the same footprint. The P365-XL COMP ROSE also includes an accessory rail for the use of tactical lights and lasers, making it a versatile option for different shooting scenarios. The X-Ray Day/Night Sights allow for accurate shooting in low light conditions, further enhancing the pistol's performance.Overall, the P365-XL COMP ROSE is a comprehensive system that provides female gun owners with a safe, reliable, and effective option for shooting and training. The system's focus on building confidence and improving skills makes it a great choice for those who are new to shooting, as well as those who want to take their shooting to the next level.Features of the P365-XL COMP ROSE:Integrated compensator in slide – reduces recoil by 25% for faster, more accurate follow up shotsOptics ready slide – compatible with the RemoZero Elite micro red dot, or any optic that shares the RemoZero Elite footprint1913 accessory rail for use with tactical lights/lasersVaultek Lifepod Pistol Safe(5) dummy rounds for safe training optionProvides access to online training course

Sig Sauer P365 Rose XL 9mm 12rd Kit



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