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Beretta’s 80X Cheetah is a reimagined version of a legendary platform, and sets a new standard for .380 ACP pistols. One of the 80X Cheetah’s more notable features is its X-Treme S Trigger, which takes much of its design from Beretta’s 92X series. This is evident in an ultra-smooth pull in double-action, and a light, crisp pull in single-action. The X-Treme S Trigger’s overtravel is adjustable to shorten the reset to 1mm, and a series of coatings and surface finishes delivers flawless reliability. In addition to its trigger, the 80X Cheetah is remarkably easy to conceal and a pleasure to shoot, allowing the user to train with it comfortably. It utilizes a lighter recoil spring to make chambering a round, clearing the weapon, and other slide manipulations significantly easier, and the .380 ACP chambering makes felt recoil impulse negligible. Shootability is increased even further with superior ergonomics – the Vertec frame and extended beavertail promotes proper hand placement, and ambidextrous controls accommodates both left and right handed users. The 80X Cheetah’s overall profile is highly compact with a slim overall width of under an inch and a half, and an overall height of just under five inches. Other features of the 80X Cheetah include a wide array of modern augmentations. The magazine and feed ramp have been optimized for modern ammunition such as hollow points, and a optics-cut slide allows for the installation of a micro red dot.

Features of the 80X Cheetah:
X-Treme S Trigger: Ultra-smooth pull in double-action, light, crisp pull in single-action. Overtravel is adjustable to shorten the reset to 1mm
Lighter recoil spring for easier slide manipulations
Ergonomic frame, grips, and controls
Optimized for modern ammunition
Optics-ready slide

Beretta 80X CHEETAH .380acp

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