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Holosun’s AEMS CORE Micro Micro Reflex Sight delivers a wide field of view in a low profile package! When compared to other 20mm micro optics, the AEMS CORE is 11% shorter and features twice the amount of glass surface area. The body of this optic is constructed from durable aircraft grade aluminum, this provides excellent protection from minor impacts without adding any additional weight. Other features of the AEMS CORE include Holosun’s exclusive Shake Awake technology – this instantly activates the reticle when motion is detected, so the optic will always be at the ready. In addition, the AEMS CORE comes with a 1/3 co-witness mount which can be removed for better adaptability across multiple firearm platforms.

Features of the AEMS CORE Micro Reflex Sight:

Compact, low-profile design
Shake Awake technology
Removable 1/3 co-wintess mount
Available with either a red or green reticle




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