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Garaysar is Excited to Import a Turkish Manufactured Pump Action Bullpup Shotgun

Garaysar has begun importing a new batch of FEAR-109 Pump Action Bullpup shotguns which have been produced in Turkey. This particular version is loosely based on an AR-15 bullpup style rifle with a flat top type system. Additionally you will notice the adjustable cheek piece, angled foregrip and detachable box magazine. This pump action system is provides you with reliable performance in any environment. The 19.7" barrel features a 3" chamber and you can use either 2-3/4" or 3" shotshells. Another thing worth mentioning is that the receiver is made from aluminum.

Garaysar FEAR-109 Bullpup Pump Action Shotgun (Matte Black) Specifications and Features:

Garaysar FEAR109
Pump Action System
12 Gauge
3" Chamber (Accepts 2-3/4" and 3" Shotshells)
19.7" 4140 Steel Barrel
5 Rounds
Detachable Box Magazine
Aluminum Receiver Material
Fixed Bullpup Synthetic Stock
Adjustable Cheek Piece
Polymer Pistol Grip
Angled Foregrip
Full Length Picatinny Rail System
Front/Rear Flip Up Sights
Overall Length 29.5"
Overall Average Weight 8.6 Lbs
Matte Black Finish

Garaysar 12 Guage

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