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Chambered in the most American of pistol calibers, this is the most compact .45 ACP BANSHEE™ available. Don’t be fooled though, just because this BANSHEE is the right size to go with you anywhere doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice ergonomics or shootability.

Available in a range of cerakote finishes, the BANSHEE series represents the most innovative AR pistols and SBRs available today. From the quick deploying RIPBRACE®, to the stylized receivers and EML™ handguards, every BANSHEE is tailor-made to be the personal defense weapon you can always depend on. New EML4 handguards feature M-LOK® slots at 3, 6, & 9 o’clock positions and a full length picatinny top rail for accessories as well as an integrated handstop.


MkG Radial Delayed Blowback™ Operating System
Since making its debut on the original .45 ACP MkG platform in 2017, Radial Delayed Blowback has revolutionized pistol caliber ARs across the entire CMMG lineup. As a result of meticulous engineering, Radial Delayed Blowback not only addressed some operational concerns with a traditional straight blowback system, but it also delivered pistol caliber carbines and personal-defense weapons with softer recoil impulses and lighter weight bolt carrier groups and buffer systems than straight blowback systems could deliver. Check out our CMMG Resources article & video to learn more about what sets Radial Delayed Blowback apart.

CMMG Banshee MKG .45ACP



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