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steLTH. THE SCIENCE OF SILENCE. The STELTH TMC (Total Metal Coating) has a fusion of proprietary hyperclean technology, precision standards, and leading suppressor manufacturer collaboration. The STELTH line was designed from the ground up with both decibel drop and cleanliness in mind. So whether your mission is tactical training, a predator night hunt, or a clandestine operation, when silence is paramount, go STELTH.

Specifications and Features:
Caliber: .300 Blackout
Grain Weight: 220 Grains
Quanity: 20 Round Box
Bullet Style: Total Metal Coating
Velocity: 1026 fps
Energy: 560
Lead Free: No
Case Type: Brass
Corrosive: No

Ammo inc STLth 300BLK 220gr



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