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Ammo Inc Signature Line of ammunition is designed for Self Defense and Personal Protection. This particular .45 Auto loads sports a 230gr Jacketed Hollow Point which features a TML jacket (Total Metal Coating). This proven Jacketed Hollow Point projectile design delivers terminal performance tuned for self-defense. This process of load-specific development ensures extreme accuracy and consistency from cartridge to cartridge. Balancing velocity, accuracy, and recoil, the Ammo Inc load engineers carefully analyses every load to help our ballisticians achieve the specific outcome of superiority.

Ammo Inc. Signature Line Ammunition Specifications and Features:
Ammo Inc 45230JHP-A20
.45 ACP
230 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point
Lead Core with Total Metal Coating
Brass Cased
Boxer Primed
Non-Corrosive Primer/Powder
Delivers Terminal Performance Tuned for Self Defense
Balancing Velocity, Accuracy, and Recoil
Muzzle Velocity 895 fps
Muzzle Energy 409 ft
Uses: Self Defense and Personal Protection
20 Rounds

Ammo inc .45ACP 230gr JHP 20rds



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