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ShapeShift™ Black Right-Handed Pancake Holster (AG-SSSL-0759-RH) by Alien Gear Holsters®. Alien Gear Holsters has discovered the answer for the perfect belt slide holster. The ShapeShift™ OWB Slide Holster will meet your needs and go above and beyond to provide an elite carrying experience. The holster's compatibility with the ShapeShift™ Modular Holster System provides limitless carry options. With just a few additional parts, you can effortlessly shift from one carry configuration to the next to suit your lifestyle. Whether carrying open or concealed, the ShapeShift™ OWB Slide Holster has a super slim design that can achieve both. The shift shell is unique in that it attaches to the holster on a single mounting point.

AGH 4.0 OWB Slide RH Glock 43/43x

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