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Make Assembling your AR-10/ LR308 lower a breeze with the Midwest .308 AR Lower Receiver Block

Sometimes assembling an AR-15 or AR-10 lower receiver feels like a three handed process. But with the Midwest industries Lower Receiver Block it doesn't have to be. This Receiver Block is constructed using High Strength Polymer and is proudly made here in the USA. The receiver block can easily be mounted to a work bench with the anchor holes or secured in a vice. The vice is also built with surfaces to help you install the roll pin, trigger guard and all the other essentials for getting you AR-10 lower receiver up and running.

Midwest Industries .308 AR Lower Receiver Block Specifications and Features:

Midwest Industries: MI-LRB308
Allows for Gas Block Roll Pin Installation
Mounting holes for attachment to bench or alternative work surface
Parallel edges for Vice use
Trigger guard installation section
Allows lower to be held for multiple aspects of assembly
Fire control pin assembly
Able to hold complete firearm for Maintenance
Small parts tray
Length: 5.0"
Width: 1.25"
Color: Blue
Made in the USA

Designed to work with SR25 Magazine Pattern Rifles

Midwest AR-10 Vise Block