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Daniel Defense is an industry leading manufacturer of AR-15's and AR-15 accessories. Daniel Defense started by Marty Daniel, was done so because Marty was unable to source parts that met with his high standards. He decided to create the parts himself, and thus Daniel Defense was born. As a result of this commitment to you have the opportunity to outfit your rifle with DD parts. Whether you are dropping into harms way deep behind enemy lines, Serving and protecting your local community, or defending your family, trust Daniel Defense.

Specifications and Features:

Daniel Defense 21-091-04179-006
Collapsible Buttstock
Fits Mil-Spec diameter receiver extensions
Two included buttpads: Thicker Convex (0.8"). Thinner Concave (0.5")
7" Long
5.5" Tall
1.75" Thick
Overall weight .50 lbs

Daniel Defense, Mil-Spec Collapsible Buttstock

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