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Have the Cleanest Gun on the Range

This Nylon Bristle Bore Brush from Breakthrough is precision machine for the perfect fit. Each nylon brush is stamped with the appropriate caliber. Strong and durable they are threaded 8/32 thread and compatible to most standard cleaning rods. At home, on the range or in the field, keeping your firearm clean is not optional, it's critical! Make sure you have Breakthrough Clean Technologies in your range bag, hunting pack or duty gear!

Made of durable anodized aluminum and includes interchangeable tips that fit bore sizes from .17 up to .416 which allow the guide to smoothly move through the chamber. Includes a built-in port for mess-free solvent application to the inserted cleaning patch. The threaded brass pin anchors the guide rod to the action to prevent it from moving while pushing a cleaning rod through.

Item Specifications and Features:

Breakthrough BT-BG-U
Fits most Bolt Action Rifles
Includes Sleeve for AR15
Fits .17-.416 caliber
Aluminum Construction

BTC Universal Bore Guide



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