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The Most Advanced Option In Less Lethal Technology

The Pulse+ is the most advanced civilian Taser on the market. Using the same technology as law enforcement the Pulse+ has an outstanding 15 foot defense radius. Weighing in at an ultra light 8 ounces this Taser is comfortable to carry while jogging or just everyday out on the town. The Pulse+ also features a light and laser combo to ensure you hit what you're aiming at. What really brings the pulse+ into the 21st century is the integration of the Moonlight mobile app which connects to your Pulse+ and dispatches law enforcement to the users location as soon as the trigger is pulled.

Taser Pulse+ Specifications and Features
Taser: 39064
Personal Defense Taser
Manual Safety
Light/Laser Built Into Gun
Taser Pulse+
Two Live Cartridges
Lithium Battery
Conductive Practice Target

Taser Pulse + with Laser