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OPSol recognized the need for a pump shotgun to be able to cycle the new 1-3/4 12 gauge shells effectively something had to be done. And they have created a simple insert to let those low recoil rounds work effectively in a pump shotgun. Made to just snap into the weapon and shorten the length in that part of the action so the shells will cycle like a normal round. Stay in the game without the pain.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: MINICLIP
Use with Aguila Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug offerings in Mossberg 12ga 500, 590 and Maverick 88 models
Easily installs and uninstalls in seconds to allow use of 1.75", 2.75" or 3" shells as desired by user
Practice with less expensive Aguila birdshot as the recoil response vs. Aguila buckshot is slight
Low recoil of buckshot allows for safe, easy and comfortable aiming and discharge with pistol grip configurations (with proper grip/face clearance, of course)
Not confined to hip and laser shooting
Mini-Clip stays in well, but may want to tape in with electrical or Gorilla tape for close contact or heavy foliage environment applications
Material: Polymer
Finish: Black

Mossberg 12ga 500, 590, 590A1 and Maverick 88 models

opsol mini clip shell adapter 12ga



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