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Pepper spray is a great option for personal defense. The ergonomic design of the Police Triple Action Pepper Spray provides enhanced control and accuracy. The replaceable cartridge provides multiple burst per cartridge. The OC/CS, pepper spray and tear gas, formula causes respiratory distress, coughing, impaired vision, and an intense burning sensation to the skin. The pepper spray also contains a UV dye that can assist in identifying the suspect. The flip-top safety prevents accidental dispersion.

Mace Brand Police Triple Action Pepper Spray 10% OC Aerosol Specifications and Features
Mace Brand Item number 80812
OC/CS Pepper Spray
UV Marking Dye
Flip Top Safety
Easy Load Cartridge
Range 12'
Multiple Burst
Pocket Clip
18gm Aerosol Dispenser Black

MSI Pepper Spray 18GM

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