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Mossberg's 590S Allows You to Cycle Three Different Shell Lengths Right Out of the Box!

Mossberg is America's oldest family owned firearm manufacturer and are one of the top names in the world of shotguns. They have continued their history of shotgun innovation and have now released the new Mossberg 590S series of shotguns. These pump action shotguns boast flexibility that most other shotguns just don't have. With its 3" chamber and redesigned elevator, the 590S allows the user to load their choice of shell length (1.75", 2.75", and 3") and load them in whatever combination and order they desire! If you prefer to use only 3" shells, you've got a 5+1 capacity. If you'd rather use 2.75" shells, it holds 6+1. If you prefer to maximize the 590S's capacity, it can hold 9+1 of the 1.75" "mini-shells". Or if you prefer to mix things up, you can load a combination of those shells in the order you prefer! The 590S includes all the best features from the 590 lineup that make it such a reliable firearm. These include non-binding twin action bars, an anti-jam elevator, positive steel to steel lockup, dual extractors, and a top-mounted manual safety. The 590S utilizes an 18.5" barrel and a fixed synthetic stock with sleek finishes. A corncob style. The Mossberg 590S is an awesome new inclusion to the 590 lineup of shotguns and would make a great addition to your collection!

Mossberg 590S 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Specifications and Features:

Mossberg Item Number: 51603
Pump Action Shotgun
12 Gauge
Three-Inch Chamber (Accepts 1.75", 2.75", and 3" Shells)
18.5" Barrel
Cylinder Bore
Capacity: 9 (1.75" Shells), 6 (2.75" Shells), 5 (3" Shells)
Black Synthetic Fixed Stock
Top Mounted Safety
Bead Front Sight
Corncob Forend (Black)
Matte Blued Finish
Twin Action Bars
Dual Extractors
Anti-jam Elevator for Smooth Operation
Overall Length: 39.5"
Weight: 6.75 lbs

Mossberg 12ga 590S

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