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When looking for a pistol that is powerful, yet reliable as an atomic clock, there is only one sound choice. The GLOCK 20 SF chambered in 10mm. With a magazine capacity of 15rounds, there are few pistols that are light, concealable and controllable that you can use to successfully protect yourself from about anything on land to include a polar bear.

Used by hunters, explorers and even elite military units operating in the Arctic, the GLOCK 20 SF has all the features you need to be successful stopping whatever you are aiming at. With the flexibility to mount your choice of a light or laser to the integrated rail the GLOCK 20 SF is capable of handling any environment, you can think of.

This pistol is the SF model featuring a slimmer grip offering increased comfort and control, especially for people with smaller hands.

Specifications and Features
GLOCK PF2050203
Standard GLOCK Sights
GLOCK Safe Action
Striker Fired
4.6 Barrel
5.47 Height
1.27 Width
30.71 oz Weight
Barrel Rifling Right Hand, Hexagonal
Twist 9.84
5.5lbs Trigger
15 Round Magazine

Glock G20 SF 10MM

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