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DT Tactical 10mm Auto Lead Free 125 grain Solid Copper Hollow Point is a hard hitting round with 100% weight retention and astonishing expansion. This combination delivers all available kinetic energy on target with devastating terminal ballistics making it one of the best self defense and hunting rounds available!

It goes without saying that you need powerful reliable and accurate ammunition for hunting, home protection and personal defense. Since 2002 DoubleTap has rapidly gained a reputation from producing ammunition that meets all of those criteria, giving them quite a large following of hunters and legally armed citizens. They use innovative cutting edge technology to manufacture their ammo and back it up with precision craftsmanship followed by outstanding quality control. Every single round that leaves their door has been inspected. You simply don't get that attention to detail anywhere else. When second best isn't good enough, make sure you have DoubleTap on hand and in your guns!

DoubleTap Ammunition Specifications and Features:
DoubleTap 10MM125X
10mm Auto
115 Grain Solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP)
Lead Free
Brass Cased
Boxer Primed
Reloadable Cases
Non-Corrosive Powder/Primers
Made in the USA
Muzzle Velocity 1600 fps
Muzzle Energy 710 ft/lbs
Uses Personal Protection, Self Defense and Hunting
20 Rounds

DoubleTap Ammunition 10mm



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