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The METE SF from Canik and Imported by Century Arms is a competition driven design with reliability and the bleeding edge of performance as its core concepts. Starting from the inside out this pistol has nickel plated fire control mechanisms which help keep it reliable and provide that nice trigger that Canik is known for. The pistol is made with a fiber reinforced polymer frame that lends to a strong design while saving weight. The pistol comes with a nice steel barrel that is threaded for the common 1/2x28 thread. The barrel rides in an optics ready slide that is precut for micro style optics and the cut sits low enough that the shooter can easily co witness the iron sights giving a precise aiming point without giving up rigidity. Another nice feature of the slide is the inclusion of lightening cuts that not only add to the overall esthetic of the pistol but balance the slide for use with optics and muzzle devices. With all of this the pistol is also ambidextrous making it a more ergonomic shooting experience for most shooters. Another level of increase the world of ergonomics this pistol comes with a flared magazine well makes for faster reloads. Get a pistol built with ergonomics, reliability and performance in mind with the Canik USA TP9 Mete SFT Pro.

Canik Mete SFT PRO



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