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Conceal carry with confidence while wearing the C&G Holsters IWB Covert Kydex Holster for Glock. Each of these Gun Holsters crafted by C&G Holsters have a solid locking retention with audible click when your weapon is properly holstered. All hardware used to make this C&G Holsters IWB Covert Kydex Glock Handgun Holster is treated with salt bath nitriding for added strength and protection against rust and corrosion, allowing you to wield yours in any weather conditions. These holsters are perfect for civilians looking to conceal carry their weapon or undercover police officers. Snag your NTOA tested and recommended C&G Holsters Inside the Waistband Covert Kydex Glock Holster to carry your pistol without worry.image

C&G Glock 43/X/MOS LH



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