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C&G IWB Covert holster is great covert holster because the dominant hand is able to get into a better shooting position while in a drawing position. Also good for a cross draw. You can see/hear your dominant hand clearly in most lighting situations. You can see/hear your dominant hand and draw if you want in most lighting situations. C&G IWB Covert holster is very comfortable to wear all day long. You can feel it "settling" into place - we want you to be comfortable! One of the benefits of the C&G Holsters Inside the Waist Band Holster is that it helps you establish a positive master draw which in turn lessens the draw so a correction can be performed if needed. Also covers any draw one would normally do with a traditional holster. You can tell if you have a dominant hand by the feel/weight of the holster. Also, if you draw while your dominant hand is dominant rather than a support hand you are giving away your dominant hand. If you draw while your dominant hand is dominant you will have a false sense of security and the ability to draw your gun without displaying any outward signs of drawing. If you have a hammer side dominant hand the holster will always look like your hammer side causing covert drawing. The hammer is a failsafe retention device designed to keep your dominant hand free of slide pressure and gives you a false sense of security that your gun will not be drawn unless it is needed. The hammer side will also allow you to "reload" with your dominant hand easily. The thumb break is very effective against hammer breakage and facilitates a smooth draw. While Kydex is the most commonly used material for making this happen. For a great way to make sure you are drawing from a concealment position and not an impeding one, choose the C&G IWB Kydex Holster.image

Specifications for C&G Holsters Glock Covert IWB Holsters:
Manufacturer:C&G Holsters
Gun Make:Glock
Holster Material:Kydex
Holster Type:Inside the Waistband Holster
Attachment/Mount Type:Clip

C&G Glock 26/27 LH



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