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Ammo Inc is dedicated to bringing you some of the best high quality ammunition on the market. The fantastic team at Ammo Inc. is leading the way with a ground breaking non-flammable tracer style ammunition! Streak Visual Ammunition is an innovative concept that uses a non-flammable phosphor material, charged and illuminated by the light emitted when the ammo is fired. It's a safer tracer alternative that produces no heat to present a fire hazard. The glowing material is placed only on the aft end of the projectile. This means that it's only visible to the shooter and to those within a tight 30 degree viewing window on either side of the shooter. More importantly, unlike traditional tracer ammunition, Streak is not visible to the intended target! Carefully engineered to meet the needs of law enforcement and the legally armed citizen, Streak ammo balances velocity, accuracy and recoil for superior performance. HyperClean technology ensures a "safe to use" ammo and minimizes your clean-up. See where you hit and improve your accuracy to protect yourself and your loved ones, make sure your mags are loaded with Streak Visual Ammunition!

Ammo Inc. STRK .45 ACP 230gr TMC



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