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The AR15/M4E1 Field Repair Kit features common parts that may rattle loose or break. Carry one in your range bag and always have what you need to get your rifle up and running again!

AR15 Takedown Pin Detent (2)
Takedown Pin Spring (2)
Roll Pin, Fwd Assist (2)
Bolt Catch Spring (2)
Bolt Catch Buffer
Bolt Catch Roll Pin (2)
Trigger/Hammer Pin
Safety Selector Spring
Safety Selector Detent
Buffer Retainer
Buffer Retainer Spring (2)
Trigger Guard Roll Pin (2)
Pistol Grip Screw
Pistol Grip Lock Washer
Trigger Spring
Hammer Spring
Disconnector Spring
Nylon Tipped Tension Set Screw - 1/4-28 x 1/2
4-40 Set Screw (for threaded takedown pin detent hole) (2)
Threaded Roll Pin
M4E1 Lower Bolt Catch Pin

Aero AR-15 Field Repair Kit



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