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2A Armament Xanthos-Lite AR-10 Receiver Set LR-308/SR-25

If you're looking for a superior-quality, U.S.-made receiver set for your next DPMS-pattern .308 build, then don't settle for less than the best! Get the 2A Armament Xanthos-Lite Large Frame Receiver Set. This LR308/SR-25-pattern receiver is machined from U.S.-certified 7075-T6 plate aluminum and precision-cut to lighten the weight. It features a pocketed design with tapered lightening cuts, a tapered charging handle ramp, no forward assist, and a trimmed-down integrated trigger guard. The result is a feather light 16-ounce large frame receiver set! High-quality materials, perfection in design and flawless functionality make these receivers stand out from the rest.

2A's attention to detail is evident with the screw-in pin bolt release and integrated tensioning screw, both of which are included. Sporting a DPMS high-profile rail height, it's ready to accept most standard LR308 or SR-25 parts and accessories. The smooth tapered contours, machined-in T-markings, minimized logo and bead-blasted hard-coat anodized finish give the set a clean, smooth, professional and seamless appearance. When okay isn't good enough and second-best just won't do, turn to 2A Armament for the parts and components you need!

2A Armament Xanthos-Lite Set Features and Specifications:

2A Armament Titanium Xanthos-Lite Large Frame Receiver Set 2ALFRS1
LR-308/SR-25 Stripped Upper and Lower Receiver Set
7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester
3-D Machined from U.S.A.-Certified 7075-T6 Plate Aluminum
Lightweight and Trimmed-Down Pocketed Design
Machined in T-Markings and Minimized Logo
DPMS Standard High-Profile Rail Height
Tapered Charging Handle Ramp
Integrated Trigger Guard
No Forward Assist
Included Screw-In Pin Bolt Release
Included Integrated Tensioning Screw
Type 3 Class 2 Hard-Coat Anodized
Black Bead-Blasted Finish
Total Combined Weight of Both Receivers: 16 Ounces
Made in the USA


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